Our management team consists of two driven women with passion for the fashion industry. 

Emilie Gug (CEO & Co-Owner) and Ermudde Fønss (Commerical Director & Co-Owner) has since December 2016 been managing the 30 year old brand. 

Emilie's family started the brand 30 years ago, and therefore it's an essential part of the young team's philosophy, to maintain the brand's DNA. Danish high quality, beautiful and timeless design made in Italy.

Since the new generation took over, the team has been working on a new take on the classic brand. They want to combine the classic, elegant design with a more edgy side. This way the brand can stay an important and trendy player from the Danish fashion industry. 

"We love working together and still to be able to have Elise design our collections is a big honor. This brings the perfect balance into the team. We are 3 women, from three different generations. And we all have something to bring to the table", says the duo.  




Carvias Aps - ELISE GUG   -   St.Kongensgade 108   -  1264 Copenhagen C   -  +45 3391 0084  -   E-mail: info@elisegug.com


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